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Caring And Committed Divorce Representation

Getting a divorce is a hard decision to come to, and even harder to resolve. If you are not careful about protecting yourself and your kids, you may end up with less than you deserve. Thankfully, you can get help navigating your way through a divorce.

I am attorney Amanda Gallegos, a Texas family law attorney who can help you fight to defend your best interests through your entire divorce. From my office of Amanda Gallegos Attorney at Law in Dallas, we can develop a divorce strategy that you can count on.

Preparing For Anything In Your Divorce

Despite what you may expect from your divorce, surprises can still arise, which is why I go through the lengths of preparing for everything. Mediation is often the quickest and simplest method of resolving a divorce. Working together to settle a divorce through mediation can often provide an outcome that both sides can be satisfied with, but sometimes things can get difficult. When litigation becomes the only method of resolving a divorce, you can trust that I will fight for you through anything that may come.

I am a wife and mother of two beautiful kids, and I know the importance of protecting your family. I care deeply for the well-being of my clients, and I make sure that I am providing them with the compassionate guidance they deserve in all areas of divorce, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Asset division
  • Spousal support

The divorce process can take months, and I stand with my clients every step of the way. I am not an attorney who will leave you in the dark about what is happening in your divorce or what will come next.

Begin Planning For Your Divorce

When you are trying to get through your divorce, do not make the mistake of going through it alone. Contact my office to schedule your free phone consultation by calling me at 469-718-5595 or emailing me here. Now is the best time to begin preparing for your divorce, so contact me today.